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Family Mediation
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Yileny Echevarria has been a Florida Supreme Court certified Family and Civil mediator and qualified arbitrator since 2015. Ms Echevarria has more than 80 hours of training in Civil and Family mediation. A native of Cuba, Yileny is bilingual in Spanish and English, has an understanding of the culture and business environment in Latin America. In addition, The America Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages has certified Mrs. Echevarria as an advance Spanish speaking professional. Therefore, Yileny is able to mediate in the Spanish language. Since earning her Masters in Legal Studies in 2015, Mrs. Echevarria has successfully conducted observations concerning on a wide variety of issues including: Divorce, Parenting plan, foreclosure, negligence, and other civil matters. Mrs. Echevarria achieved her Bachelors in Science in Legal Studies in 2012, with recognition from Golden Key International Honour Society. Integrity is shown to be one of Mrs. Echevarria value.

Mrs. Echevarria was a mortgage broker in 2004, which has become one of her expertise in mediation cases. It is essential to understand the process in order to mediate active conflicts. Mrs. Echevarria has a flexible style in which she adjust to the needs of the parties and the situation, as opposed to using a single approach for every dispute. Mrs. Echevarria believes that every case is unique and she treats every case as her first case. It is essential to communicate effectively in order to find solutions. Therefore by been an active listener she finds techniques to adjust to the parties needs.

Further more, Mrs. Echevarria has over eleven years experience working in the Business Industry. Yileny is the founder of The Legal Room Inc. She recognizes the damages of litigation in family and civil cases. The benefits that Yileny has experience is that solutions can be design with details in a less hostile environment throughout mediation, and satisfactions in agreements are found to be higher as well. Mrs. Echevarria is a member of The America Arbitration Association’s Mediator Panel. Over all, a mixture of legal training and business experience has made Mrs. Echevarria to become a successful mediator.

  • The America Arbitration Association’s Mediator Panel – Member
  • The Florida Chapter Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • Association of Conflict and Resolutions
  • Florida Supreme Court certified Circuit Civil mediator
  • Florida Supreme Court certified Family mediator
  • Masters from Hodges University, Florida (2015)
  • Bachelors from Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida (2012)
  • Family Mediation
  • Civil Mediation
  • Arbitration